MORE scholarship

Since 2015 the JKU Linz is part of the UNIKO MORE initiative that supports refugee students who are enrolled in the university preparation program (MOREclassic) as well as in a regular study program (Borealis-MORE-Scholarship).

The MOREclassic program is for refugees who have been admitted to a degree program at the JKU but are required to take and pass supplementary examinations (German, Mathematics, History) as part of a university preparation program.


Taking part in the MOREclassic program means:

  • Academic advising services and a contact person at the JKU
  • Receiving a scholarship to pay for tuition fees during the pre-study program (or when enrolled as a non-degree seeking student)
  • Reducing the course fees in the university preparation program by 5% (asylum-seekers, those with subsidiary protection status) and or 15% (those with asylum status)
  • Receiving a travel allowance
  • Taking part in regularly scheduled information meetings and get-togethers to meet others and exchange information

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The Borealis-MORE Scholarship is aimed at students with a refugee background who have been admitted to study at JKU. The aim of the scholarship program is to bridge the period in studies for students with a refugee background where they are excluded from other financial support. At the beginning of the semester a Learning Agreement is signed between the scholarship recipient and university in which students agree to complete a designated amount of academic work

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