What is the best way to get to the university? What discounts are available? Which ticket is the cheapest for me? Basically, the choice of the ticket depends on a few factors: Your age, your place of residence and how often you travel to the university. The following chapters are intended to help you decide which ticket is the cheapest for your journey to JKU.

Upper Austria

OÖVV semester ticket for students

Regular student, under 26 years of age, and place of residence and study in Upper Austria.

Spatial validity:
Route ticket residence - place of study in Upper Austria and optionally including core zone(s).

The card is a route map between the entry and exit zones (place of residence and place of study). In the entry and exit zone, it is a network map. In the core zones of Linz, Wels and Steyr, however, it is only valid if the core zone surcharge has been paid. Free choice of means of transport, OÖVV companies and routes (in the same number or fewer tariff zones) applies.

Temporal validity:
In each case 5 calendar months
In the winter semester: September to January or October to February
In the summer semester: February to June or March to July

Ticket price:
You can easily calculate the ticket price (with or without core zone) online with the tariff calculator of the OÖVV:

You can order the OÖVV semester ticket online at the OÖVV ticket store or you can apply for the OÖVV semester ticket for students directly at the OÖVV Customer Center Linz.

For the application you need:
A current registration form, confirmation of enrollment, proof of age and a passport photo.

Tip: In principle, this ticket is issued from the place of residence. If there are good reasons (e.g. if the timetable of a neighboring stop is significantly better), an exception can be made and the ticket can be issued for another stop. Describe your request to the OÖVV - they will try to accommodate you.


Upper Austrian Transport Association
Address: Volksgartenstraße 23, 4020 Linz
Phone: + 43 (0) 732/ 66 10 10 66

MEGA-Ticket for students

Students must not have reached the age of 26 on the first day of validity (September 1 or March 1).

Spatial validity:
Linz core zone

Temporal validity:
6 calendar months (September to February or March to August).

For the application you need:
A registration form, a current confirmation of enrollment, a passport photo and the amount in cash.

The ticket price depends on your main residence:

Linz or Leonding: 72.50 EUR/semester (as of 1.1.2022).

In a municipality bordering Linz, provided that the nearest stop is in the direct catchment area of the Linz core zone: 170.60 EUR/semester (as of 1.1.2022)

All other primary residences: 220 EUR/semester (as of 1/1/2022).

Starting with the winter semester 2021/22, online purchase of a MEGA ticket for students is only possible via the new LinzMobil app.


Address: Hauptplatz 34, 4020 Linz
Phone: + 43 (0) 732/ 34 00 70 00
Electronic timetable information:

 Active Pass Monthly Card of the City of Linz

With the Aktivpass of the city of Linz, you can take advantage of numerous discounts. Among other things, you can purchase cheaper tickets from Linz AG Linien.

Main residence in Linz and a monthly net income of no more than EUR 1,324.00 (as of Jan. 1, 2022).

Spatial validity:
Linz core zone

Temporal validity:
1 month from validation

Ticket price:
EUR 14.50 per month (as of Jan. 1, 2022)

You can buy the Aktivpass monthly pass in advance at tobacconists or at the Infocenter of Linz AG Linien. Before your first trip, you must enter the number of your Aktivpass monthly pass on the Aktivpass monthly pass and validate it at the ticket machine!

You can also get the Aktivpass monthly pass directly at the ticket vending machines of Linz AG Linien and on the Internet at (these tickets are then already validated).


To apply for the Aktivpass of the city of Linz you need:
Proof of income, a current confirmation of enrollment and a passport photo. If you do not have a photo, one will be taken at the application desk.

You can also upload a picture from your computer at the following link: The photo will be stored for 14 days and will be transferred to your Aktivpass when you apply.

The Aktivpass of the city of Linz is issued in the citizen service offices of the Magistrat. Since August 8, 2019, the Aktivpass is produced in a new design: The Aktivpass is 10 x 6.5 cm in size and laminated. The photo is digitally integrated into the pass and printed out.

In addition, you can use the Aktivpass of the city of Linz to purchase other tickets of the Linz AG lines at a lower price, in addition to the Aktivpass monthly pass:

  • MINI changes from a shorthaul ticket to a long-haul ticket (MIDI).
  • MIDI turns from a longdistance to a 24-hour network ticket (MAXI).


Citizens Service of the City of Linz
Address: Hauptstraße 1-5, 4041 Linz
Phone: +43 (0) 732/ 70 70

 Leonding Active Pass Monthly Card

Among other things, the Leonding Aktivpass allows you to purchase a discounted monthly pass for the Linz AG lines.

In addition to an existing primary residence in Leonding, you must also be able to support yourself and/or not exceed a maximum household income. A basic requirement is also a legal entitlement to a social benefit to cover daily living needs, such as unemployment benefits, emergency assistance, means-tested minimum income or basic welfare.

Spatial validity:
Linz core zone

Temporal validity:
1 month from validation

Ticket price:
13 EUR per month (as of Jan. 1, 2022)

You can only get the Aktivpass Leonding monthly pass at the Linz AG Linien ticket office and at the citizen service of the city of Leonding.

To apply for the Aktivpass Leonding you need:
Appropriate proof (according to the Aktivpass guidelines), a photo ID and a passport photo. The Aktivpass Leonding is issued in the social department of the city of Leonding.


Citizen Service of the City of Leonding
Address: City Hall, Stadtplatz 1, 4060 Leonding
Phone: +43 (0) 732/ 68 78 300

Call-taxi night AST

The Anruf-Sammel-Taxi AST of Linz AG Linien in cooperation with CC Taxicenter GmbH works similarly to a regular cab, but is usually much cheaper: The AST cabs run according to a schedule and take you quickly and cheaply from a stop in the service area to your desired destination. The differences to a normal cab are that you will probably share the cab with other passengers and that you can only get into an AST at the orange marked AST departure points. There are more than 200 such AST departure points in Linz. The operating hours of the night AST described here are approximately 20:00 to 5:00. You can pick up the AST schedule of the Linz AG Linien at any time at the ÖH Sozialreferat.

This is how it works:

1. call or book via app
Call 0732/ 66 12 66 as soon as possible, but no later than 15 minutes before the desired departure time, and provide the following information:

  • AST departure point
  • Departure time
  • Departure point/address
  • Name
  • Date
  • Number of persons

2. departure
Be on time at the agreed AST departure point. You can recognize the Anruf-Sammel-Taxi by the clearly visible AST sign. You will receive your ticket from the driver. As the first passenger, please make sure that the taximeter is not switched on until departure.

3. arrival
The AST will take you within the service area to the desired drop-off point, e.g.: to your front door. If you are the last passenger to get off, please sign your ticket for the amount of money that appears on the taximeter.


Price night-AST
Linz is divided into 3 service areas: Linz-North, Linz-Central and Linz-South. The borders in between are the Danube and the Salzburger Straße. The fare (as of 1.1.2022) is based on the number of service areas served.

  • 1 service area EUR 4,20 (reduced 2,90)
  • 2 service areas EUR 6,20 (reduced rate 4,30)
  • 3 service areas EUR 8,20 (reduced rate 5,70)

The reduced price is available with the Aktivpass of the city of Linz or a semester or annual ticket valid in the core zone.

With the Tages-AST you can travel from your departure stop to another AST stop or to any address within the respective Tages-AST service area. Information on the individual service areas and the Day-AST departure stops is available at the LINZ AG LINIEN ticket office or as a download at:

Daily fares

  • Adults per ride EUR 2,30
  • Children under 15 years EUR 1,40 per ride

Information on the Linz core zone

The Linz core zone includes the Linz city area as well as Leonding, parts of Pasching, the northern edge of Traun and the village of Plesching. It contains the entire network of Linz AG Linien as well as the sections of all railroad and regional bus lines within the core zone boundaries, as shown on the Linz Linien transport route map (all stops shown are core zone stops). With a valid ticket of Linz AG Linien (but also with tickets of OÖVV or VOR, if the core zone Linz is included in the ticket) you can travel within the core zone Linz by streetcar, city bus, regional bus and train. Due to the free choice of means of transport, you are not limited to the "city traffic" (i.e. buses and streetcars of the Linz AG lines)!

However, please note the following exceptions: The MINI Card is not valid on city express buses, regional bus lines or the Pöstlingbergbahn. The use of the Pöstlingbergbahn is also not always included in other Linz AG Linien tickets.

Purchase and validate tickets for the Linz core zone:
You can buy tickets for the Linz core zone online or at fixed ticket machines at bus stops, advance tickets at tobacconists and at the Linz AG Linien Infocenter, as well as in the TicketApp and the LinzMobil App.  Advance tickets must be validated at a ticket machine at the stop before you start your journey.

Please note: There are no vending machines for the sale or validation of tickets in Linz AG Linien vehicles.

Lower Austria


Regular student, under 26 years of age, and resident of Lower Austria or Burgenland.

Spatial validity:
In the personal network of the selected route and optionally including the core zone Linz.

The VOR-HochschülerInnen-Monatskarte allows any number of journeys with all Verbund lines in the personal network of the registered route.

Temporal validity:
1 calendar month each from September to July.

Ticket price:
The easiest way to determine the price is to use the VOR's fare calculator at and you will receive a clear price table for your route.

You can get the VOR-HochschülerInnen-Monatskarte at all customer service points of the VOR and at all ticket vending machines as well as online via but also at .

For the application you need:
Your JKU Card or a current confirmation of enrollment as well as a valid ÖBB-VorteilsCard Jugend or ÖBB ÖsterreichCard Jugend.

Contact us:

Verkehrsverbund Ost-Region (VOR)
Address: Europaplatz 2, 1150 Vienna
Phone: +43 (0) 810 22 23 24

Lower Austria Grant

Regular students with main residence (min. 6 months) in Lower Austria, who have an Austrian citizenship or that of another EEA member state, can apply for a travel allowance until they reach the age of 26.

Per semester, the ticket costs exceeding EUR 50, up to a maximum of EUR 100 (as of Jan. 1, 2021).

Tip: You must submit the application electronically as soon as you have collected enough tickets to exhaust the maximum subsidy amount.

Application deadline:        
WS September 1 - January 31
SS February 1- August 31


Province of Lower Austria
Address: Landhausplatz 1, 3109 St. Pölten
Phone: +43 (0) 2742/ 9005 9005


OÖVV semester ticket for students from Lower Austria

In areas that are also served by the OÖVV (e.g.: around St. Valentin), you can also use tickets of the OÖVV - and therefore also the ÖVV semester ticket for students - instead of the tickets of the VOR. These tickets are in most cases significantly cheaper than equivalent VOR tickets!



Attention: from October 2021, the Klimaticket Ö will gradually replace the ÖBB-Österreichcard. All info at:


Phone: +43 (0) 5 17 17

Climate ticket


Spatial validity:

Whole Austria and for journeys abroad, up to the national border or the community station abroad.

Temporal validity:

valid for 1 year

In Addition: Anyone who decides to purchase the Klima Ticket Ö from July 1, 2022, will also receive a free Klima Monat and can use all participating public transport services in Austria for 13 months with a single ticket.

The promotion applies to new purchases of the Klima Ticket Ö until the end of the year. If you already have a Klima Ticket Ö, you will also receive a free Klima Monat if you extend it until June 30, 2023.

Ticket price:
Ticket category

Climate Ticket Now Classic: € 1,095

Climate Ticket Now Youth/ Senior/ Special:  € 821

Climate Ticket Now Family: € 1.205/ € 931

(Classic Family, Youth, Senior, Special Family)

For more information, please visit:


Travel allowance for recipients of study grants

Under certain circumstances, recipients of study grants are entitled to a travel allowance. The travel allowance (FKZ), which is anchored in the StudFG, is intended to replace part of the travel costs for those receiving study grants. The amount of the FKZ is based on the student rates, taking into account an annual deductible of EUR 50, and is paid in ten monthly installments (from October to July).

Travel allowances are granted in three different forms:

General travel allowance (FKZ 1): if you live at the place of study and use public transport there; proof: personal season ticket

Commuter subsidy (FKZ 2): if you do not live at the place of study and have to commute; no proof is required.

Home travel allowance (FKZ 3): if your parents live more than 200 km away from the place of study in Germany; no proof required.

In the case of FKZ 1, however, payment will only be made if proof of appropriate tickets can be provided. For the proof the following tickets are accepted: The "MEGA-Ticket für Studierende" (copy) or at least three monthly or Aktivpass monthly tickets of the Linz AG Linien per semester (original).

Tip: If you present the "MEGA-Ticket für Studierende" to the scholarship office at the beginning of the winter semester, you do not need to prove that you have the "MEGA-Ticket für Studierende" for the summer semester.

Travel subsidies from municipalities

Municipalities receive a portion of their funding based on their population. Especially the number of main residences is important here. The municipalities, therefore, have an interest in having as many main residences as possible, and they usually pay something for this: For example, a number of municipalities give support payments to students who keep their main residence in their home municipality under the terms "promotion", "grant", "reimbursement". The requirements regarding age, family allowance etc. vary greatly from municipality to municipality, as does the amount.

Tip: Negotiate with your municipality what it is worth to them if you maintain your main residence there. Do not be shy at all.

Status: January 2022