Mensa Bonus

The ÖH Mensabonus is a meal subsidy that the ÖH JKU Linz awards to JKU students in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy and the State of Upper Austria. If you do not have more than 170 EUR available for food per month (compliance is monitored by the Ministry on a random basis), the ÖH JKU Linz will support you with the ÖH Mensabonus.

How does the activation work?

Starting with the winter semester 2017/18, you can apply for the ÖH Mensabonus exclusively via KUSSS in the tab "Mensabonus" under "Personal Data". As soon as you have applied for the Mensabonus and paid your ÖH fee, you can activate your Mensabonus at the JKU service points by inserting your JKU Card (an "M" will be printed on your JKU Card during this process) and the bonus will be transferred to the Mensa. From this point on, you will receive the menus at the JKU canteen, the KHG canteen, the Raab-Heim canteen and also at the canteen of the University of Art at a lower rate. You have to apply for the Mensabonus every semester at the KUSSS.