The following information mainly refers to the regulations of the Ö. Gesundheitskasse, there may be deviations in the case of country-specific or occupation-specific health insurance. Please contact your competent insurance institution in this regard.

Co-insurance with parents

Children and teenagers are co-insured with their parents until they reach the age of 18. An extension of this co-insurance is possible until the 27th birthday. The prerequisite for this is that the student receives family allowance or that the studies are pursued seriously and purposefully (16 ECTS points or 8 semester hours per year). In addition, a current confirmation of enrollment must be submitted to the Ö. Gesundheitskasse each semester. Co-insurance is not tied to compliance with the minimum duration of studies. Therefore, health insurance coverage exists even if the minimum period of study and corresponding tolerance semesters are exceeded.

Tip: After completing your studies, co-insurance due to unemployment is possible for a maximum of 24 months. The prerequisite is that you are not entitled to benefits from the AMS. For this purpose, you will need a copy of your last diploma, graduation or doctorate certificate. Here, too, the maximum entitlement is until your 29th birthday


Co-insurance after civilian or military service

For all those who have just finished their civilian or military service, want to study soon, but are currently not insured there is also the possibility, as in the case of unemployment, to apply for co-insurance with parents for a maximum of 24 months at the health insurance fund (Gesundheitskasse). Important for this is:

  • a confirmation of the end of school or vocational training (for example, final certificate).

For further information:
Co-insurance parents (Mitversicherung Kinder)

Self insurance

Here you can find information about self insurance: Self insurance


Marginal employment

People in marginal employment may pay for health- and pension- insurance themselves. This health insurance entitles them to benefits in kind and, under certain conditions, also to cash benefits. The insurance periods are also taken into account as contribution periods for the pension.

The beneficiary contribution is EUR 68.59 per month (as of January 1st, 2022), but only as long as the monthly low-income limit of EUR 485.85 (as of January 1st, 2022) is not exceeded.

Employment with several employers

Students who are employed in several marginal jobs at the same time and exceed the marginal earnings threshold are automatically subject to compulsory health and pension insurance (but not unemployment insurance). This may result in additional contributions that have to be paid to the Ö. Gesundheitskasse in the following year.

The general self-insurance

If neither co-insurance nor student self-insurance is an option for you, you can self-insure, but at a higher rate.

The maximum rate is 464.42 EUR per month. However, you can apply for a reduction of the contribution base at the same time as you apply for self-insurance. A contribution amount will then be determined on the basis of your income and as far as it appears justified according to the economic circumstances.

Insurance through full employment

Persons who earn a monthly income above the minimum income threshold are fully insured. This means that you are covered by health, accident and pension insurance. Furthermore, insurance coverage is provided in the event of unemployment. Your employer is responsible for paying social security contributions.


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